The 10 Best Caves in Maharashtra Worth Visting
Oct 06, 2023 By Sean William

Sometimes, the urban landscape can get boring. Many people opt for natural places, like lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, etc. However, caves are one of the most overlooked tourist attractions. Luckily, India houses many of these places, especially in Maharashtra.

Are you willing to explore them and embrace their historical values? Then, this guide will help you find the 10 best caves in Maharashtra you should visit at least once. So, let’s dive deeper!

List Of Caves in Maharashtra

It is important to know that Maharashtra doesn’t have only 10 caves. The actual number is far greater than what we can cover in this guide. And many of these spots are closed to tourists. Thus, here is a list of caves in Maharashtra:

  • Ellora Caves
  • Elephanta Caves
  • Bhaja Caves
  • Karla Caves
  • Ajanta Caves
  • Kanheri Caves
  • Lenyadri Caves
  • Bedse Caves
  • Pataleshwar Caves
  • Pitalkhora Caves
  • Mahakali Caves
  • Jogeshwari Caves
  • Kharosa Caves
  • Bahrot Caves
  • Chambharlena Caves
  • Shivthar Ghal Caves
  • Kondana Caves
  • Aurangabad Caves
  • Pandavleni Caves
  • Limestone Caves
  • Karad Caves
  • Kondana Caves
  • Ghorawadi Caves
  • Gandharpale Caves

What are the 10 Best Caves in Maharashtra?

Now, you know all the caves in Maharashtra. But surely, you can not visit them all. So, which ones should you explore?

Here are the top 10 caves in Maharashtra you should visit!

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves are located in Gharapuri and are known to be one of the most ancient caves. You will find many carvings of Lord Shiva for both Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. Moreover, its architecture is a marvel to behold. Since the climate in this region is warm, you should consider going here in late fall and early spring.

Ajanta Caves

Easily the most famous caves in Maharashtra, Ajanta Caves is considered a World Heritage Site. It witnesses thousands of tourists every year, along with some devotees. It resides the Kailasha temple inside itself. Historians and tourists are still surprised by the brilliant architecture of the Ajanta Caves, with 34 rock cuts.

Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves are located near the Ajanta Caves. Thus, this should be your next spot to visit. This place is dedicated to various beliefs, including Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The sculptures and paintings of mythology make it a place worth visiting. It is in Khulatabad, Aurangabad, attracting many locals and foreign tourists.

Bedse Caves

Are you tired of the crowd and want to visit a peaceful place? Well, it doesn’t get more tranquil than the Bedse Caves. These caves have the most calming vibes you will find in Maharashtra. Moreover, there’s a lot to explore here.

The Bedse Caves feature sculpted pillars, showcasing ancient art. Plus, you will find statues of animals that hold special value in Hindu culture. These include lions, elephants, and bulls. The caves are divided into two sections: the prayer hall and the monastery. Make sure to visit both parts to get the whole experience.

Aurangabad Caves

If you have a lot of time on your hand, consider going to Aurangabad Caves. It is a combination of 12 caves, that are all Buddhist shrines. That is why this place attracts hundreds of Buddhist devotees monthly. Its ancient architecture makes it a MUST-have experience for historians and interested tourists. It is also located in Aurangabad near the Grishneswar temple, another good spot to explore in Maharashtra.

Khaorsa Caves

If you want to explore more about Buddhism, it doesn’t get better than Kharosa Caves. These caves reside a brilliant statue of Buddha. Moreover, its construction is inspired by the Buddhist culture, blended with traditional Hindu architecture.

These caves also feature well-crafted sculptures and statues of Lord Dutta and Yaksha. This place holds religious as well as tourist significance. It is located in Latur and is best to visit from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Bhaja Caves

Even though there is no evidence, local folks consider Bhaja Caves the oldest in the region. And any list of the top 10 caves in Maharashtra is incomplete with them. That is because of the place’s unique architecture, setting it apart from any other caves.

Located in the Lonavala, Bhaja Caves are dedicated to Buddhism. From the sculpture and paintings to its construction, everything pays tribute to the Buddhist culture.

Shivthar Ghal Caves

Do you want to experience a scenic view with the caves? Then, look no further than Shivthar Ghal Caves. This spot will offer you a tranquil and natural experience unlike anything else. The caves are beautiful, but their location makes them a standout.

Located in Barasgaon, Shivthar Ghal Caves has everything in its vicinity. That includes a dense forest, mountains, and a gorgeous waterfall. The caves’ stylized architecture will further elevate your experience.

Jogeshwari Caves

Also known as the forgotten caves, Jogeshwari Caves is a MUST-visit in Maharashtra. Even though they might not be quite famous, they include everything you seek. There are statues of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha with beautiful carved pillars and walls.

But these caves are not limited to Hindus only. They are dedicated to Buddhist monks, making them attractive to devotees for several beliefs.

Pataleshwar Caves

The circular structure of Pataleshwar Caves makes them one of the best caves in Maharashtra. Situated in Pune, this place features marvelous architecture devoted to different Hindu Gods.

Furthermore, the caves will offer you an immersive experience. You will find idols, sculptures, carved pillars, and engraved stones. In short, this is an all-in-one place for Hindu devotees and tourists!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you know the best caves in Maharashtra. Thus, you can plan out the perfect tour to the Indian state without any inconvenience. Make sure to visit there during colder months. Otherwise, the warm weather will not let you enjoy your experience. A better season will let you immerse in this spiritual as well as tourist journey!