Everthing You Need To Know Before Starting Your Galle Fort Lighthouse Tour
Oct 05, 2023 By Sean William

Are you a historian and fond of visiting historical spots? If yes, then Galle Fort Lighthouse is waiting for you to appreciate its ancient bricks and the beauty hidden in its rough old structure. You will get to know the importance of Galle Fort and its graceful beauty in this article.

Galle Lighthouse is a famous attraction for tourists, nestled on the seaside of Galle. It creates a perfect view in opposition to emerald waves. Moreover, you can cherish its beauty inside the architectural sensation of the Galle Fort, which adds to its beauty.

It was built in 1939 as a replacement for the antecedent lighthouse that was knocked down in 1934 by fire. You will be amazed by the exciting activities offered here, like surfing, scuba diving, swimming and more. The foreigners and native people laze around the beaches within reach.

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An Overview of How To Reach Galle Fort

It is relatively easy to reach this Fort via Colombo International Airport. The distance between the two is about 111 km, about 2 hours by road. You can either get yourself a taxi or a bus that is always available at the airport with the best services. If you want an easy journey, we suggest you hire a cab instead of the bus.

By hiring a taxi, you have to inform the driver about the destination, and he will take you there in 2 hours. But if you prefer the bus, you have to reserve your seat on bus number 187 near the airport. The bus will drop you at Colombo Fort, from where you will take another bus towards the Maharagama bus stand. Find a quick bus that will finally take you to Galle Fort.

The Best Time To Visit Galle Fort

The months from December to March are considered the dry season, and the chances of rainfall are low. The temperature is comfortably fresh and cool, decreasing the risk of sweating. Also, the humidity level is relatively lower in this season of the year.

Other reasons that make this season perfect are the activities specially held in these months, like watersports and the Galle Library Festival. So, we suggest you visit this place during the dry season. Get ready to have a wonderful time in this historical Fort.

Activities You Can Enjoy at Galle Fort Lighthouse

In spite of the fact that you are not allowed to reach the top of this Fort, the management has arranged some exciting and thrilling activities for the tourists. Have a look at them!


You can enjoy swimming here in winters when the waves of this lighthouse are analogously calmer and more peaceful, unlike the other seashores. This makes the winter season perfect for swimming in pungent water.


For the best surfing experience, we suggest you visit this place in the monsoon season, which presents a beautiful view of the waves. You can easily carry your surfing board with you along with the basket to enjoy a wonderful time here.

Scuba diving

You will see many institutes near the beaches that are willing to teach you how to dive deep under the ocean water and enjoy the waves running over your body. You will be delighted by the vibrant and lively marine life.


Strolling is one of the most interesting things to do in Galle Fort. You can find the aesthetics in every corner of this Fort. The Galle fort clock tower promises the best spot for clicking pictures while roaming around the Galle streets.

Best Places to Visit in Galle Fort Lighthouse

The Galle Fort presents various points where you can get enlightened by the ancient works and things. Here are some of the famous places you must visit.

Galle Fort

Galle Fort was primarily built by the Portuguese, but after some time, Dutch architecture further modified it, so you will be amazed to see the lovely Portuguese-dutch amalgam. You can enjoy the shops, museums and villas within this Fort.

Dutch reformed church

Constructed in 1755, the Dutch reformed church is considered the most ancient church in the history of Sri Lanka. It is well known for its beautifully decorated interiors and vintage architecture. The prominent characteristics of the tourist attraction are the podium and antique glasswork.

Galle Fort Clock tower

Located on the preceding guard room, Galle Fort Clock Tower was built in the late nineties. It consists of four storeys, and ancient stones can be witnessed as the construction material. It is placed in the centre of Galle Fort to increase the beauty of this resort.

Ancient dutch market

Having its roots back in colonial times, this ancient market is the centre of attention in Sri Lanka. The new generation has modified its name to Green Market because of the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables available here.

Mansion Museum

Mansion Museum is the only museum that preserves the artefacts and other antique tools that were used in colonial times. You can also witness the stone sculptures of famous figures and Chinese porcelain things here. Interestingly, you can buy some of the things you like here.


Galle Fort lighthouse is a breathtaking historical spot presenting various spots like Galle Fort, a Dutch reformed church, Galle Fort clock tower, an ancient Dutch market and a mansion museum. You can enjoy the tour anytime between December and March and experience a lot of exciting activities like swimming, scuba diving, surfing and strolling.

Don’t forget to try their Sri Lankan dishes served with fresh coconut drinks. You can cherish the beauty of Galle Fort and nearby spots, which altogether makes this place a top pick for your visit. You can also stay at the lush Galle lighthouse hotel for relaxation.

Have a great time ahead!