Detailed Information of Gaumukh Trek For 9 Days
Oct 06, 2023 By Sean William

Gaumukh Trek is situated in the Uttarakhand state of India. This magical but dangerous trekking point is located at a height of 4,023 meters.

This thrilling trail starts from the tiny town of Gangotri, located near the Bhagirathi River. You can witness the beauty of the Himalayas summit, stunning scenery, and thick jungle.

The Gaumukh trek cost starts from 14000 to 30000, as per your budget and demand. In this article, I'll tell you all the needed details about the Gaumukh Trek For 9 Days.

Let begin!

Day 1 – Dehradun

Start your journey from Dehradun, and you should arrive in the city before evening. It's up to you how did you get there. Tourists can book their train seats, or they can reach Dehradun by airplane or in a car.

It's totally up to the tourists, in that way they are comfortable. After reaching their mentioned location and checking into the hotel room, they can spend their time as they want.

Day 2 – Uttarkashi

Trekkers gathered there and started their journey after having breakfast in the hotel. Tourists are requested to wake up early in the morning so they can have a strong breakfast to get maximum energy for the long journey.

It is a seven-hour route to reach your following location. When they get there, they should take some rest while roaming around the place. So they can prepare themselves for the next step.

Day 3 – Gangotri

Trekkers start their journey from the Gangotri. If you want to reach by air, then the nearby city is Dehradun. When you arrive there, you'll go through by road. Approximately, it is a 9 to 8 hours drive to reach the destination.

You should start your trip early in the morning so you will get a chance to rest there and prepare yourself for the next day's strenuous journey. You can also book your tour for the Gaumukh trek for 9 days from Kolkata to from. It takes 12 to 11 days, including the driveway, to get there.

Day 4 – Chirbasa

After reaching Gangotri, the next day, you'll start your tour to reach Chirbasa. It covers a 9-kilometer distance. You can complete this route in five to six hours. Before going into the Gangotri National Park, you need to show your permission letter to the forest check post.

The whole route passes through the forest and the Bhagirathi River. This forest has pine and deodar trees that enhance the grace of the jungle. You'll stay the night in Chirbasa. Sleeping under the stars and in tents will be an unforgettable lifelong moment.

Day 5 – Bhojwasa

Next morning, you will start your journey from Chirbasa to Bhojwasa, which is almost a 5-kilometer distance that takes 3 to 4 hours. This whole trek will go through a deep forest. Bhagirathi's top and the Gangotri Glacier will blow your mind with its fascinating view.

Watching these places from a distance is a completely different thing, but when you see them from a very close look, you will stop breathing for a moment and get lost in their beauty. You have the whole afternoon and evening to roam around, and you'll have dinner and stay at night in the camps of Bhojbasa.

Day 6 – Gumukh

This period of trekking might lead you to some fears as it has an extremely dangerous route. Begin your trekking from Bhojwasa to Gaumukh, which contains a distance of 4 kilometers that takes three to four hours. The initial two-and-a-half-hour trek involves a hazardous upward slop.

The next two-hour trek is based on the Icy Glacier, which can be very perilous and risky. The last one-and-a-half-hour route is sharp inclination. From the top of the mountain, you'll see the beginning of the largest rivers of India. Hindus also take a bath in this holy water. Spend the night in the tents.

Day 7 – Tapovan

Start the tour with the view of Wonderland. It takes five to six hours and covers a 9-kilometer distance. This stunning route with the view of crystal white mountains is extremely risky and dangerous. Once you reach there, you'll see its top regions, such as Sumeri, MT. Shivling and Meru glacier, Kedar Dome, and Sudarshan.

This will be a worth-watching moment for the trekkers when they reach there. The Himalayas' mind-blowing view mesmerized you. Those who watched the place with their own eyes couldn't explain its beauty in words. You'll spend a night at the Tapovan in tents.

Day 8 – Uttarkashi

Trekkers travel nine kilometers and return to Chirbasa in a few hours. They finish their trekking and return back to Uttarkashi. Tourists can enjoy the scenery view of this place.

It is such a peaceful, silent place surrounded by nature's magical beauty. Trekkers are the fans of this landscape. Its greenery grassland, waterfalls, and rivers are magnificent.

Spent the night in Uttarkashi.

Day 9 – Chirbasa

After breakfast, tourists leave for Dehradun in the morning, which will take about seven hours. After reaching there, they will check into the hotel room.

Stay overnight in the hotel room, and the next day, they will return to their home. The tour comes to an end now.

Gaumukh — The White Beauty

Gaumukh Mountain has the prettiest landscape among all glaciers. Its natural beauty, scenic views, waterfalls, greenish forest, and river will mesmerize you.

People take a dip in the River Ganga as it is a sacred river for the Hindus; also, the meaning of the Gaumukh is Cow's mouth.

Well, this trekking point has all the magic in it that a trekker dreams of, and the 23-kilometer Gaumukh trek distance would be worth it when you see its grace and grandeur.

When you stop to take some rest at the trekking and get a chance to see the waterfalls, it will give you relaxation. White Beauty, I think this would be a perfect name for this fascinating land.

Important Suggestions & Limitations

There are some tips local guides prefer for trekker before they start their tour. The Gaumukh trek opening date in 2023 was 1st April. It will be closed after October because of heavy snowfall. So book your trip before the snowfall season.

  1. Begin your tour early in the dawn.
  2. Prevent trekking in the rainy season (monsoon).
  3. Take a local guide along with you.
  4. Keep a First-aid kit and some dry food.
  5. Prepare yourself in advance by running, climbing, cycling, and swimming.

If you want to trek on the Gaumukh, you should be capable of these instructions;

  1. You have to be physically fit and healthy.
  2. Must have the stamina to cover four to five (4-5) km in half an hour.
  3. Didn't have any diseases such as heart, kidney, diabetes, and BP, i.e.
  4. You should be able to carry an almost 20 kg backpack.
  5. Age should be above 18. Under 18 to 15 must be accompanied by their guardian or a tour guide with permission.


You can explore better this thrilling trip with the help of local guides, as they have been experienced and know how to reach the top safe and sound.

You should bring water when you start trekking to reach the height of the Himalayas because there is no water source. Experience this thrilling Gaumukh trek for 9 days once in a lifetime.