5 Best Reasonable Picnic Resorts for One Day Stay near Mumbai
Oct 06, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Mumbai is a city that holds ultimate charisma and is undoubtedly one of the best places and cities to visit because of the deep roots of incredible Indian culture and tradition. Mumbai never sleeps, and what makes this city amazing is the energetic people and their tremendous tradition and culture. In case you need a well-deserved break from your extremely busy life and routine, then you are highly recommended to give some days of rest yourself and a must-visit to this absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing city of Mumbai.

If you are visiting this stunning city, then check out these extraordinary one-day picnic resorts near Mumbai, which you will not regret visiting.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug

On the side of astonishing sandy seashores with blue and shining water plus cool winds blowing, which makes the entire atmosphere extremely soulful and peaceful. Well, this all seems like scenes of paradise. Nope, this all exists in the beautiful, eye-catching, and heart-warming tourist attraction and resort near Mumbai, which is called Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug. This destination is very famous and highly rated by its visitors because of its sparkling sights. This tourist attraction is brilliant if you want to spend some peaceful and heart-soothing moments alone away from your daily busy schedule. It's almost 3 and a half hours away from Mumbai, and it is one of the best one-day spots to be visited. These are some spots near this resort you should give a chance to make some of your life's moments remarkable. These spots include water sports, Kolaba Fort, Nagaon Beach, and the deep green Kankeshwar Fort.

SaffronStays Moira, Kamshet

SaffronStays Moira is surrounded by massive Western Side Ghats. This resort gives you a glorious and extremely paradise kind of vibe. This destination is a good tourist attraction and a beautiful natural place surrounded by sunflower plains. After the monsoon, it becomes more attractive and extremely fine for natural sightings and peaceful evenings. This gorgeous destination is situated in Nethersole Dam and almost 27 miles away from the Lonavala Train Station. This resort gives you beautiful sightings of mountains, services like free wifi and personal parking, plus a lake view and a swimming pool. The hotel management provides proper services of towels and bed linen, and they also make sure that you will spend your time satisfied. Overall, this is a very awesome place to spend time with your loved ones if you are visiting one-day picnic resorts near Mumbai.

The Machan

Machan is one of the unique and vastly cheap resorts in Mumbai for one one-day picnic. It’s different kind of eco Lodge location in Lonavala makes it an incredible tourist spot. This location provides you with a brilliant view from its side, and you can make yourself calm by standing in the window of your room and breathing fresh air. Their services are always top-notch and bring innovation to your experience. It's all because of the talented and hardworking staff and management of this resort. This place has many Treehouses, which consist of heritage, forest, canopy, and sunset machans. At night, this place gives you a proper and crystal clear view of the sky and shining stars. It's because the lighting becomes a little low to provide you with a great view of the glorious sky. This resort is a perfect choice, and it ticks all the boxes for a visitor who's looking for a peaceful, awesome, and heartwarming experience.

U Tropicana Beach Resort

U Tropicana Beach Resort is situated in Alibaug, and it's one of the finest and heartwarming places to visit. This resort is built on the side of a beach so that you can have a perfect and clear view of the water splashing and waving from here and there. Families enjoy every second. Talking about the management and staff, they are very talented and thoroughly experienced. This resort is considered the best resort in Mumbai for couples and families. This place gives 24/7 room service. Furthermore, this destination has a huge swimming pool, a gaming zone for kids to have unlimited fun, and a brilliant library for the readers to spend some relaxing time. This beautiful resort is definitely recommended, and there is a reason it's on the list, so if you are satisfied, book your reservations in this resort and enjoy.

Dune Barr House

Dune Barr House is a creation of the Neemrana Hotel and Verandah in the deep forest. This property was owned by Captain Barr and developed in the 19th century. The popular Charlotte Lake is some meters away from this awesome and royal-style resort. The brilliant and quiet english type of architecture is different from any other buildings. It is built in a royal style and gives the visitors some vintage vibes. This resort is considered the very best and old heritage of Maharashtra. This amazing one-day picnic near Mumbai resort is suggested to give you a visit, and you will know why we put this on our list. And enjoy some relaxing time and make yourself fine in the vintage era.


There are some brilliant and awesome resorts for one day picnic near this city, and we are glad to inform you that these are the best tourist attractions and got quite brilliant reviews from their visitors. These resorts and places are fun-loving and give you a very calm and peaceful experience with your friends and family. These are one-day picnic resorts near Mumbai because of the infinite entertainment and bring your time to an awesome experience. There are some brilliant and great one-day resorts near Mumbai you should check out.