The 5 Best Resorts in Gokarna - Their Facilities, Activities, and More
Dec 28, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Gokarna Beach can be an excellent destination to go with your friends, family, or loved ones. The place has a rich cultural and religious history in India. Moreover, it has a beautiful sight that people of all faiths can enjoy. More importantly, the place has a wide range of resorts ranging from 3-star to 5-star options.

Are you also planning a trip to Gokarna? Then, you should know where you will stay beforehand. This guide will tell you the 5 best resorts in Gokarna in 2023. Let’s get started!

Why Is Gokarna So Popular?

First things first, why do many people go to Gokarna? More importantly, is it worth your trip? The short answer is yes.

Gokarna has been the go-to spot in India for many Western tourists. The place became popular in the 1990s with its commercialization. Now, you will find a number of restaurants, retail stores, and resorts in the area.

Another reason behind Gokarna’s popularity is its cultural value. The place is one of the seven pilgrimage centers of Hinduism. Among tourists, many worshippers come to this place for pilgrimage.

Gokarna is undoubtedly worth visiting due to its peaceful, green, and rustic aura. These are aspects that you will rarely find in India.

5 Resorts in Gokarna You Should Know

Now that you know Gokarna is worth a visit, let’s see where you will be staying. You will find resorts in Gokarna with private beach, affordable options, and honeymoon-oriented places. Let’s see the 5 best places in 2023:

SwaSwara Gokarna

One of the most popular and best resorts in Gokarna is the SwaSwara Resort. The place offers excellent luxurious and traditional facilities. Its appearance alone is enough to attract tourists from all around the globe. You will find facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi, a lake view, a lush garden, non-smoking rooms, housekeeping, parking, and top-notch management.

Additionally, it has recently opened up shops in its vicinity. Thus, you can also fulfill your shopping needs while staying at the resort. The on-site restaurant offers traditional and contemporary food choices suitable for locals and tourists.

This resort also hosts activities like yoga classes and beachfront. The guests have highly rated it. However, its prices are also comparatively expensive than other options on this list.

Stone Wood Nature Resort

Looking for resorts in Gokarna for family? This might be the best option due to its luxuriousness. The Stone Wood Nature Resort includes minimalist cottages with an aesthetically pleasing architecture. It also hosts some adventurous activities on its beach, like archery, rifle shooting, zip line, and wall climbing.

The cottages are about 250 sq ft with a queen bedroom and bathroom. You will also get a balcony to enjoy the natural and rustic view. The place shines bright with its vibrant flowers and tall palm trees.

This resort includes the essential facilities, including laundry, transport, free Wifi, in-room dining, air conditioner, 24/7 desk assistance, etc. You can also enjoy the swimming pool, sunbeds, and the on-site multi-cuisine restaurant. Even though it may seem costly, its prices are still comparatively cheaper than most other luxurious resorts.

Vibes and Tides

Vibes and Tides is one of the most popular beach resorts in Gokarna. Located near the beach, it has that plus point of sight. It offers a variety of opportunities, like gaming, bicycling, snorkeling, and hiking. You will also find puzzles, board games, and beach chairs at the resort.

The thing that makes Vibes and Tides unique is its playground. It hosts a variety of thrilling activities for the guests. The sea view elevates the environment, while the resort’s facilities comfort its guests. The rooms are well-decorated and maintained with a sun terrace.

Vibes and Tides is located near the Dabolim Airport, making it convenient for tourists. The convenience factor is further doubled with its fitness center, free parking, restaurant, and garden.

Kahani Paradise

The Kahani Paradise stays true to its name. It offers a scenic view with a beautiful pool. Moreover, it is located on the hills, elevating its appeal.

However, the true beauty of Kahani Paradise Resort is its rooms. The place has a very contemporary architecture with luxurious and spacious rooms. Plus, you have many options, depending on your budget and requirements.

This resort also offers all the essential services at an affordable price. You get 24/7 assistance, a multi-cuisine restaurant, internet access, free parking, and an outdoor pool.

Sanskruti Resort

Sanskruti Resort is one of the most affordable resorts in Gokarna. It includes all the basic and advanced facilities, like laundry, transport, air conditioner, travel desk, telephone service, and internet access.

The best thing about this resort is its variety of rooms and cottages. These include Deluxe Room, Superior Cottage, and Premium Cottage. Also, it is located only 2.7 km from the Om Beach. You can quickly go to the beach for adventurous activities and games.

The place also has an outdoor swimming pool with regular cleaning. To fulfill your hunger, you get a multi-cuisine restaurant. This resort is easily the cheapest on this list. Thus, make sure to check it out if you have a limited budget.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other resorts in Gokarna worth checking out:

  • The Go Davari Gokarna
  • Athigamya Spa & Resort
  • Kudle Ocean Fron Resort
  • Dev Samudra Beach Resort


And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on the resorts in Gokarna. To summarize, the place has many places for your stay. These resorts may include luxurious as well as budget-friendly options. It is best to review your requirements before choosing one. You can opt for advanced booking before your trip to avoid inconvenience.