Best Holiday Place- Taronga Zoo, Sydney
Oct 06, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Sydney is the perfect site for vacations, as it has everything a tourist can dream of in one place. You will discover the wildlife just in front of you at the Safari Park and can discover many species of animals that you would never have heard of.

Families can enjoy their vacation with their little ones easily, and what’s more, children below four years of age have free entry and a wheelchair facility. Enjoy this place with affordable Taronga Zoo Tickets With Sky Safari Cable Car Ride, Sydney.

Let’s discover what this wonderful place has for you!

Wildlife of Taronga Zoo

This Zoo is famous for its huge variety of animals. Taronga Zoo has almost more than four thousand animals. All of them are kept very well in the Zoo, and the best thing about a Safari Park is that animals aren’t kept in the cages; instead, they roam around freely.

Management of this zoo also makes sure that all of them remain human-friendly and do not harm any person.

The unique thing about this place is that you can have a Keeper talk as they are free for the Zoo visitors. It helps you to connect well with the zoo wildlife.

You can enjoy feeding the animals, and you’ll be happy to see the excitement of your children when they feed the giraffe. It’s a unique and interesting thing to do for the children as they love to connect with them.

They have Chimpanzee, Penguin, Sea-lion, Ring-tailed Lemur, Asian elephant, which is the most famous in the Zoo, African Lion, Blue-tongue Lizards, Corroboree Frog, Fishing Cat, Regent Honeyeater, Sumatran Tiger, Tasmanian Devil, and African Wild Dog.

People used to purchase Taronga Zoo tickets with sky safari cable car ride Sydney online and offline to enjoy the scenery view of the Zoo from the top. But now, this cable ride has retired, and it has been terminated for good.

2. Free Bird-Show & Safari Rides

This Zoo offers you a free bird show, too. Where the Andean Condor spread out its 3 m wide stunning wings. People gathered to see especially this bird and its flying.

You need to rush to see this epic moment because the whole place is filled with people very quickly. People also buy the Taronga Zoo Tickets With Sky Safari Cable Car Ride, Sydney, just to watch these shows.

This Zoo also has many keeper talks, and if you want to join, then the good news is it is totally free for you. They offer free zoo entry for keeper talks. Where you can learn and gain awareness about these animals.

You spend time with them and learn how they react, their behaviors, and their living style. You can help them by creating a friendly environment for them. Just dive with seals to learn about them better from close. You can see them playing, diving in, and swimming.

People used to take Sky safari rides so they could enjoy the show with their children from the top, and they loved this so much. It gives a fascinating view from the top, and you can also see the whole Zoo, ocean, opera house, and harbor bridge.

3. Thrilling Ferry Ride

If you want to see the whole Taronga Zoo sans any hustle and facing any traffic, then the ferry ride is the best option for you. Through this ride, you can efficiently discover every corner of the zoo.

Plus, you can have a complete tour through the ferry and get to know the wildlife from a close. Simply pass through various places and have the best ocean views, such as the famous Opera House, and get a close look from the ferry and go through under the beautiful Harbour Bridge.

You can have an affordable ride via ferry with a return ticket, which contains all of the three places together. Enjoy Taronga Zoo, Sky Safari, and Sea Voyage.

One of the Known cruises is the Captain Cruise. There is a man dressed up as a Caption Character, which provides a lot of fun and entertainment to the kids. Enjoy the fascinating views of Sydney’s orarian.

Enjoy all of them by purchasing a cruise ride. You can see wildlife like the Fishing Cat, Red Panda, Leaf Monkey, Snow leopard, Komodo Dragon, and many more.

Taronga Zoo tickets with sky safari cable car ride Sydney price was previously affordable with the views from the top, but now it is closed.

6. Farewell - Sky Safari

The amazing Sky Safari has completed its Thirty-five (35) years with immense success and gained much appreciation from its guests and now comes to its end. But not to worry, the Taronga Zoo Sky Safari upgrade version will be launched soon in the coming years.

This Cable ride carried almost twenty million passengers and also carried one or two Royals. This ride also carried the Olympic torch in the year 2000, and the fun fact is that this was the same year when the last time that cable ride was upgraded.

They like the affordable price of Taronga Zoo Tickets With Sky Safari Cable Car Ride, Sydney. Plus, they get discounts for buying Taronga Zoo cable car tickets online. It was cheaper for the tourists, and they enjoyed the complete tour with views.

The management has announced that they are planning and will work on a better model equipped with more excellent facilities. It is said that the new Sky Safari version will be accessible to its guests. People will experience an unforgettable and striking ride.

The upgraded version would be designed with some new routes where you can see the more beautiful views of Sydney. In addition, they will further increase their passenger carrying capacity.


People have showed really sad reactions after hearing the announcement of the Cable ride retirement. Everything has its time, and this beautiful ride not only carries people but is also attached to their lifetime moments. But there’s no need to worry, as you can now see the Zoo by boats, buses, bikes, and personal cars, and also by walking through the Zoo.

Enjoy your holiday with Taronga Zoo!