Things to Do in London at Night | Thrilling Activities
Nov 09, 2023 By Sean William

Night owls live in London. The streets, the rabble, and its bridges lightened in the evening just before dark, especially in the summer. A 24-hour tube service running at weekends in some vital places and night buses make traveling all over London after evening very easy and worth it. But here, you might be thinking, “Where should I go?” or, “What activities will I enjoy the most?” Well, no matter what you do, you can have a lot of fun activities to do in London at night – from overnight stays in museums to breathtaking vistas from iconic buildings. Whether you are looking for a huge all-night rave or a classy night at the theater, London has you covered! So grab your cup of coffee, turn off your alarm for the evening, and prepare for an exciting nocturnal tour as we discover the most engaging exploits to do in London at night! If you're seeking night suggestions, then look no more than our ever-alternating list of the top things to do in London at night. Here we go!

Movie Night

After an active day of traveling, sometimes all you need to do is sit and watch a movie. Curzon cinemas are marked all rounded London, some with airy seating and licensed bars. Perfect for a peaceful night with your partner and with family. These cinemas are ideal for relaxing because of their comfortable interiors. Our most liked are the Mayfair, Soho, and Bloomsbury branches.

Go on a Soho Food Tour

There are many good restaurants in London, but unfortunately, you cannot try all of them in a single night. But at the same time, you won’t regret your decision to go on a Soho food tour. In light of this, we advise going on a cuisine tour in Soho – one of the city's hippest and most ancient neighborhoods. You can also expect a variation of food and dishes here as it has both Chinese and Spanish meals.

Late-night shopping in London

Just because the sun has set does not mean you have to stop shopping – numerous shops in London remain open till late at night. You’re far better off looking for smaller stores. During the summer, Brixton Night Market is open until around 11 p.m., and stores like Reign Wear and Rough Trade ( for music ) are open late all year. And late-night shopping is one of the best things to do alone in London at night peacefully.

Ride the London Eye

At night, exploring London with family is not a big deal. It is one of the most popular attractions in London. Take the big wheel ride at night and see the city lights from above, spotting well-known icons like the Tower Bridge as they are light and Shard. However, be aware of the London Eye prices and operating hours before visiting this tourist site, as it is a bit expensive.

Hit a Late Exhibition

Even the city art galleries can attest to the fact that London comes alive at night. Well, you would imagine this exhibition and gallery as a location for the fast appreciation of art, but that is not the case. These galleries consistently do ‘late sessions’ where visitors can tour the exhibitions after dark. It's a typically buzzier event with drinks on sale and less of the shhh-please atmosphere. And surprisingly, the Tate Modern even invites DJs for the event. This is the ultimate way to enjoy the free things to do in London at night.

See London from the Sky Garden

The Walkie-Talkie building in London has a restaurant, a free public garden, a bistro, and a bar at the top.

This building provides the best views of London. Although the outer view of the balcony closes at five o’clock, the atrium is open until late into the night. Enjoy the sights of London as it comes to life in the evening as you watch the sunset from the garden! As an alternative, you might go to the Shard, the biggest building that gives you a free, best view of London, that you can enjoy at night.

Museum Lates

The most famous London galleries and museums are open till late on chosen days, including the Science Museum, British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern and London Transport Museum. These areas are frequently crowded during the day, and quieter at night – allowing you to take your time and explore them at your convenience. Additionally, in the Natural History Museum’s Dino Snores, you are free to explore the galleries and temporary exhibits as you choose, exactly like a dinosaur. A 3-course meal, live movie, music, comedy shows, science shows, and even bug sampling are available. This means that you are going to have a wonderful and enjoyable experience there.

Attend the Ceremony of the Keys

One of the attractions to witness in the Tower of London is the ceremony of the keys, a 700-year-old ceremony. The Governor of the Tower receives the key from the head of the tower guard every night between 9:53 and 10:05 o’clock. In history, securing the Tower used to be important since it shielded the king. Although this is no longer the case, the rituals still have significance because the crown jewels and other treasures are still present. The best part is that the occasion is free; however, booking in advance is advised owing to its limited availability and popularity.


London appears as a nocturnal play area, filled to the brim with an electric energy that lights up the night. Its nighttime offers thrilling London nightlife excursions and breathing performances that can be found nowhere else on Earth. All in all, there are countless enjoyable things to do in London at night, including quiet pubs and walking tours. So, where will you spend your evening in London?